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Learn About Kenya

Visit Kenya and Experience Its Amazing Culture


Kenya is located in the east part of Africa. It has eight provinces namely Central, Nyanza, Western, Eastern, Rift Valley, Western, North Eastern and Nairobi Province. The country is surrounded by different countries like Somalia on the east part, Ethiopia on the north part, Tanzania on the south, Uganda on the west and Sudan on the northwest.


Kenya is rich when it comes to its culture because it is blended with the different tribal cultures. Their culture has Portuguese, British and Arabic influences. Hindu has also influenced the Kenyan culture.


In the past, Nomads roamed in the Kenyan land to  look for fresh fields where they can feed their cattle and goats. There are details you can read from the BuzzKenya blog. They brought the vibrant drum and percussion rhythms and colorful costumes to Kenya. When it comes to the songs in the country, they were influenced by Hindu and Arabic with stringed instruments as well as lilting melodies as dances and chants echo the  victory.


When it comes to their food like Ugali and Irio, they are a melee of recipes from different parts of Africa. The local menus include grains and cereals like cornmeal, millet and pea beans. Mombasa and Nairobi are two good places where you can find superb restaurants having a wide range of food styles which are greatly influenced by English and American cooking. Native cuisine and African dishes are available in these restaurants. If you love barbeque, why not try a barbecued zebra in Kenya? You can also savor succulent roasted warthog in the place.


Kenya has several religions but Christianity predominates the place, both the Protestant and Roman Catholic. Many of the Kenyans also practice Hinduism and Islam. You can then read more from the Buzz Kenya page.


From the countries bordering like Somalia, Ethiopia and Sudan, different groups migrated in Kenya. Many years ago, Kikuyu and Bantu migrated in the country. The tribes of Samburu and Turkana are somewhat unsettled. It's hard to live life hunting water and a good field where to feed cattle. These noble groups has influenced the elegant rituals, beaded jewellery and colorful fabrics in the modern life of Kenya. Kenya is a place where different theories, styles and people are mixed together and create a more civilized place. You may also go to for more facts.


The artifacts and arts in the place differ because of different ethnic groups living in the country. Local people utilize the available raw materials in order to weave and create beautiful carvings like clothing, carved  wood sculptures, pictures, bracelets, mats and baskets. Their work are available both locally and internationally.